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My name is Angel Hess, the multi-faceted social journalist artist. Arts To Peace is an art project based around the exploration of the concepts of life, family life, peace, hospitality, nutrition, and, naturally, art. I would love for you to be a part of it!

I travel around from place to place visiting people, spreading a peaceful word with my quiet presence and making great friends. I am looking for people in all social arrangements: small families, large families, those whose sole family is a pet, or several pets- I love animals- and, yes, those who live alone, to temporarily have me as their house guest.

Part of my function will be to capture posed portraits and candid moments during the time I have with each host. After each visit, I share copies of the photographs that I take with each host.

My love of food, gardening, and sharing helps me connect to people and it brings joy to encourage each host family to share in this same way. During my visit we will shop at the local farmers market, garden and plant vegetables in your front yard, devise nutritious vegan meals without the use of fast food, processed food, or canned food; and finally, invite neighbors over for dinner to share. The foods we prepare will be as creative, vegan, organic, and local as we can make it! Local produce is a very important part of self-sustaining positive peaceful community.

Because of having dealt with communication disabilities myself, I foster connections with different kinds of people in very unique ways. With this in mind, I like to encourage awareness of social disabilities such as Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and Social Phobia. This project lets me and my hosts explore the different meanings of friendship, family, life and peace at its essence.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will consider being a part of this exciting project! To know more about me and my life, you can read about me online. My websites and

Kassi, Olivia, and Angel, making food to give away. (Dallas Texas)

Kassi and Olivia, packing up car with food giveaways. (Dallas Texas)

Kassi giving away food at the downtown Dallas Texas Library

Marler Family. Valeri and Mike Marler. At their ranch in Terrell Texas

Marler working on a bobcat at the ranch

Marler's ranch

Jack Faxon and Me, on top of his building in New York City

Gentle Family in Austin Texas

Gentle Family in Austin Texas

Kassi, Dawn, and I at their house in Texas

Kassi feeding her chinchilla a cranberry

Branstetter family and I, in Omaha Nebraska

Branstetter family and I, in Omaha Nebraska

David Meyer and I, at PHantom Ranch, at his cabin, at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Cohen family and I, in New York City, having dinner.

Cohen children playing with my curly hair. haha.

Cohen children playing with their computer.